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My name is Greg McColl and I am a Qualified, Accredited, Registered Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist.

In addition I'm also an International Life, Personal & Mental Skills Development Coach, working with clients around the world from the UK to USA, Australia, Spain, China, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand.

I have a simple, straight forward, modern approach to Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

I first studied hypnotherapy to become a hypnotherapist in the early 1990's before qualifying and pursuing a career as an Audiologist. Returning to hypnosis and coaching and becoming a full time hypnotherapist and coach for the last 6 years.

I'm the author of the book The Bucket The Car The Bubble & Bus, about stress & overwhelm. I'm also an annual guest speaker at The UK Hypnosis Convention and have lectured to students Oxford University on stress management and motivation.

Specialising in helping people with Anxiety and Stress I also help and support problems such as Post Traumatic Stress and, Sleeping Issues, Stop Smoking Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Confidence, Stress Management with Hypnosis.

If your specific problem is not in the above list …please contact me.

Modern Hypnosis and Coaching with me is fun, creative, interactive and very very effective.

Get in touch and find out for yourself how I can help change your life now for the better today.

Kinetic Shift

Kinetic Shift created by Karl Smith is a fast and effective method to deal with almost any issue. It is content free, so you don’t even have to say what your problem is. Kinetic Shift is a blend of methods, using elements of NLP sub modalities, Visualisation, Metaphor, IEMT / EMDR (an effective technique for dealing with PTSD) and hypnosis. It is a unique system that allows the practitioner and the client to resolve issues quickly and effectively, without asking too many questions! No long questionnaires or hours of feeling upset as you relive any incident….. Kinetic shift goes straight to the core of your emotions and removes the negative elements.

Kinetic Shift uses the Non Verbal Communications from your body and mind, there is no other treatment like it in the world and that’s why its now being delivered in over 7 countries so far.

You will not be asked to relive, become emotional or ask to lie in therapy, Kinetic Shift is Content Free, meaning I don’t even need to know specifically what the problem is Kinetic shift, steps up and deals with those issues you may have.

Its fun and highly effective and can remove anger, anxiety, stress, guilt, PTSD, phobias, and fears in seconds.




The Swan Protocol

The Swan Protocol was developed by leading Hypnotherapist Bob Burns. The Swan Protocol, is a way of dealing with the subconscious issues we have without “formal” hypnosis or traditional hypnotherapy methods or inductions. It’s a fun and easy method to quickly access and resolve problems, and also can be easily learned to enable you to continue to work with your own subconscious with problems in the future.





Steven Blake’s OldPain2Go protocol is a new and revolutionary protocol, that removes or eliminates “old pain messages”. OldPain2Go is effective in the removal and elimination in chronic pain conditions. When you understand the pain message process and mechanism, you can then understand why and how these old messages can “switched off”. as they have served their purpose and are no longer relevant. A simple protocol without hypnosis, it is a direct method of speaking to the unconscious or subconscious mind and asking it to let go of the old pain signals that are no longer of any practical use. The same protocol can be utilised in dealing with other problems too such as allergy, weight loss and anxiety amongst other, with new applications being developed all the time. Read more about OldPain2Go.

I am a member of or registered with:



NLPEAInstitute Leadership and ManagementNational Hypnotherapy Society


Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association

Session Information

Sessions usually take place in person and 'face to face' at my office in Churchdown, Gloucestershire (midway between Cheltenham and Gloucester) Online sessions using a "virtual meeting room" are available by request. Please contact me for more details

Sessions are usually up to 60-90 minutes long.

You are free to ask questions, find out more and to share with me any information you wish to tell me about your issues or challenges.

During the initial session we’ll discuss the different methods and techniques open to us and which may best suit you. We’ll also do some hypnosis and response tests and , I usually will provide you with some exercises or techniques to help you continue  and reinforce your change away from the session.

In returning for your first full session, usually people are already noticing a measurable improvement in their feelings or situation.

We’ll review your progress so far and perform some further  “change work” based on the options we discussed in the previous session.

You may request a personal mp3 or I may recommend a personal mp3 to reinforce and continue the work done in our sessions to keep you moving forward. (your own specially recorded personal mp3 has an additional charge)

Further sessions can be arranged if required. to achiev the degree of change you want.

In the nicest possible way however, I always hope and you should to, that the last time I see you is the last time I see you!

Session Fees

The number of sessions you'll require varies from person to person, on the issue and the individual client.

Certainly a lot of people see and feel real results even after just one session.

Most of my clients, obtain the changes they want within 2 sessions.

The National Council of Hypnotherapy reports that up to 6 sessions of hypnotherapy may be possibly needed.

Practically, I find that rapid change can usually be obtained more quickly.

In my experience, an introductory session, then one normal session is in usually all that is needed to help people change.

Sessions fees are £150 per session (sessions can be 90+ minutes in length, please ensure you allow fo this length of time)

Some hypnotherapists only charge £45-60 pounds, however I've had clients tell me they've seen some hypnotherapists 8-10 times at this rate. That's up to £600 !  If you are not getting results within a few sessions, the therapist, approach or method is not working and different solutions or approaches should be sought.


If I don't think hypnotherapy or coaching will help you, I'll tell you.

If we are not getting the results I think we should, I'll tell you.

If I don't think we're a "good match" for working together, I'll tell you.

If you have any questions about your particular circumstances or issue please contact me to discuss it confidentially.


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HS Cheltenham

Going to hypnotherapy as a sceptic, and leaving feeling fresh and ready for anything the world has to throw at me, and most of all no scepticism!

Greg gave me the tactics I needed to deal with a mountain of stress and anger. He changed my thoughts on hypnotherapy, and would recommend to all! (anger/rage)

DH Melbourne

I listened to the mp3, its awesome! its seriously the best thing like that i’ve ever heard.”

JT Merseyside

I think you’re great and what you do and your knowledge is amazing , thank you! (self esteem/confidence)

BH Gloucestershire

Just back from the hospital and not even a hint of feeling faint. I don't know how you did it but I was so much better than before, so thank you!  (blood/injury phobia)

ST Gloucestershire

I can thoroughly recommend Greg.

He was very instrumental in my struggle with alcoholism & I am thrilled to now be enjoying a very strong and happy recovery.

Greg was extremely understanding in the early days when I was still in denial and never once made me feel embarrassed or ashamed.

He has a whole host of skills and was very patient with me until I found a combination of therapies that worked.

What struck me most was his very calming nature sprinkled with a sense of humour which was vital for me in those very dark, early days. (alcohol dependency)

PM Gloucestershire

I just want to thank you for all you done for my husband he is a different person around us now which is great.

Many thanks ! (anxiety/panic attacks/PTSD)


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