I'm here to help people like you to make changes in your life.

Using unique modern hypnotherapy approaches and combinations of methods, including rapid hypnosis, content free techniques and coaching sessions to make these changes.

Using "content free" methods, we don't need to "endlessly dwell in or go over the past" to change your future.

Using modern "content free" techniques, we don't actually even have to "discuss" the problem or even have to tell me what it is you want to change or feel differently about as long as you know what it is you want to change.

Dumping the Anxiety

Let go of that baggage and 'stuff' you've been carrying around, weighing you down and preventing you from moving forward in a new positive way.

Change the way you face your future using hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Look towards tomorrow with a new outlook and way of thinking.

Being Confident

Boost your confidence. Improve your self-confidence and self-belief. Whether it's through rapid hypnosis, content free techniques, coaching or a blend of methods.

You can achieve the changes you want to make and the improvements to changing and shaping your future self.

Moving Forward

We can't change the past. We CAN change how we think and feel, and process the past, which can change how we think and feel about tomorrow.

You can change and learn how you can move forward too with your life.

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What's Holding You Back?

We can all experience feelings, emotions, thoughts and habits, that prevent us from leading the life we want. These can appear in the form of stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, anger problems, compulsions, habits and PTSD.

Hypnosis and life coaching can help you change your future by changing the way you think and feel about the things in your life. Past, Present and Future.

Modern rapid hypnosis, hypnotherapy and coaching really can be the difference for you. It can be "content free", meaning we don't even need to discuss the problem.

It's also easy and fun to do. It also draws on solid neuroscience and research on behaviour, habit and the way we mentally process our world.

If you have something you want to change, get in touch or book your session today online using the online booking system today and see what a difference it can make in your life.

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HS Cheltenham

Going to hypnotherapy as a sceptic, and leaving feeling fresh and ready for anything the world has to throw at me, and most of all no scepticism!

Greg gave me the tactics I needed to deal with a mountain of stress and anger. He changed my thoughts on hypnotherapy, and would recommend to all! (anger/rage)

BH Gloucestershire

Just back from the hospital and not even a hint of feeling faint. I don't know how you did it but I was so much better than before, so thank you!  (blood/injury phobia)

ST Gloucestershire

I can thoroughly recommend Greg.

He was very instrumental in my struggle with alcoholism & I am thrilled to now be enjoying a very strong and happy recovery.

Greg was extremely understanding in the early days when I was still in denial and never once made me feel embarrassed or ashamed.

He has a whole host of skills and was very patient with me until I found a combination of therapies that worked.

What struck me most was his very calming nature sprinkled with a sense of humour which was vital for me in those very dark, early days. (alcohol dependency)

PM Gloucestershire

I just want to thank you for all you done for my husband he is a different person around us now which is great.

Many thanks ! (anxiety/panic attacks/PTSD)


MC Cheltenham

 Things have generally improved and I’m feeling more in control.

 I’m even thinking of doing a mindfulness course at some point!

 The breathing exercises help and I’m sleeping better too.

 Thanks for your help (phobia/stress)

DH Melbourne

I listened to the mp3, its awesome! its seriously the best thing like that i’ve ever heard.”

JT Merseyside

I think you’re great and what you do and your knowledge is amazing , thank you! (self esteem/confidence)

SE Gloucester

I have to admit even though I have listened to it [personal mp3] now 4 times it has knocked me out asleep about half way through so I have no idea what the last 15mins say but I guess it’s all "going in" as the “monkey” has all but disappeared……(anxiety/self confidence)

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